Monday, January 13, 2014

/home/alopix: my second home

So I have been neglecting my blog for the last couple of months and this has to stop. I guess the main reason is that my goal always was to post long(er) and meaningful posts. Sometimes of course I just don't have the motivation to write about a long topic, so I don't post at all – or I want to quickly post something but it's not worth a blog post here (but a simple tweet is not enough).

This is why I really like BBM Channels. Instead of only 140 characters you get 400, an optional title and a teaser image or video. That's where I have been posting for the last couple of days and I decided to continue posting short stuff like that but not only accessible for BlackBerry users but everybody.
As BBM Channels won't be available for everyone for some time, I decided to reopen my tumblr-blog /home/alopix.
Hope you will follow my quick updates there as well as the bigger tutorials here :)

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Come join my BBM Channel ;)

Not sure if a lot of BlackBerry devs/enthusiasts follow my blog but at least I hope so ;)
If you're interested, I'd like to introduce my BBM Channel, /dev/alopix. Usually I share interesting stuff related to anything remotely interesting to devs (news, dev tips, …).
So follow me if you like: C0047B612, QR code will also open the Channel on your BlackBerry.

For all the Android and iOS devs out there: remember this post when BBM For All will be updated and Channels available – sometime later this year (hopefully sooner than later ;)).

BTW. there's just one thing that bug me about BBM Channels: no support for multiple admins. I'd really like to work together with other devs some more*.

* Read this as a hint to maybe join forces and start working on old or new projects together – also, I have no problem having guest posts or even start a real collaboration blog from scratch ;).

BBM Channel /dev/alopix: C0047B612

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

HTC explains Android software update

The software update process of most mobile operating systems seems to be very complex as it usually takes quite some time until it finally reaches customers (except iOS as it seems).

Now HTC has decided to create a website explaining this process with a nice info graphic.
Even though Android operating system updates are being released way faster than some years ago, it's still not fast enough as too many people/companies are involved in providing the customers with the actual OTA updates.

Find out more about HTC's update plans and the mentioned info graphic: here.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

GCHelper: now available on FirefoxOS

About month ago I was lucky enough to be accepted for the FirefoxOS porting program. The objective of this program was/is to port an existing HTML app to the FirefoxOS platform. Of course I chose GCHelper, which is available on webOS as an HTML app.
Today the app was finally approved and is now available on the Firefox Marketplace. If you have a device running FirefoxOS you can just install it by searching GCHelper or follow the link provided by me.
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

tvTrakr for BlackBerry 10 video pitch

After attending BlackBerry Jam Camp in Madrid some months ago I finally finished the video pitch for my app, we were supposed to create :)
I created it using a combination of Inkscape, Adobe Flash Professional CC and iMovie1. Hope you like it!
Now I only need to be selected by BlackBerry's jury as one of the winners ;)

You can download tvTrakr for BlackBerry 10 from BlackBerry World. BTW: It's Built for BlackBerry and still misses some features I planned but didn't have time to implement yet.

1 With public domain vector graphics found on Openclipart and music from the new YouTube audio library.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Android: showAsAction when using ActionBar from support library v7

ActionBar as seen on Android Design Patterns1
Not so long ago Google finally updated their support library v7 to also include the ActionBar. As awesome as the 3rd-party ActionBarSherock library was, this finally allows us to get rid of it and only use "default" Android APIs (yes, I realize that the support libs are not exactly default, but whatever :P).
I'm not going to write about how to use the support library's ActionBar as Google provides great tutorials for that (maybe another time).
No. I just want to help out and when it comes to some small pitfalls – especially one using the ActionBar action items, formerly known as the menu.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Android: Access meta-data defined AndroidManifest

Image by Gideon Burton
I want to share another tip for Android with you. Sometimes it is necessary to have access some configuration data from your app and there are of course multiple solutions to store such data.
You could for example just use a Java Class defining constants that you reuse everywhere or you could use string/integer/… resources and just load them but I would like to show you another possibility you have.
Maybe it is not the best solution but I at least wanted to show you how it's done ;).
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