Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coming: Geocaching Helper for HP TouchPad [updated]

Another post about a project, but this time it's a project that I just started (kind of a new series ;): a port of the Geocaching Helper for BlackBerry PlayBook to webOS 3. It's the first time I'm developing for webOS and it feels very good.
I got access to the webOS 3.0 SDK beta program and am really impressed. Not only is the OS very nice (tested via the emulator) but also the new Framework Enyo is absolutely amazing and easy to use.
I hope that I can finish my app this week and when the first webOS 3 device launches later this summer some people will actually use and like the Goecaching Helper for webOS 3.

By the way: as mentioned before, there is a webOS emulator but in order to test your app you don't have to use it - webOS-apps work just fine in Google Chrome. Even some os-service-emulation can be easily done!

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