Thursday, June 23, 2011

Geocaching Helper for HP TouchPad is Open Source

As I announced yesterday, the Geocaching Helper for HP TouchPad is now Open Source. I created a a repository on GitHub and uploaded the source code. Now the review team of HP just has to approve my first release and as soon as the HP TouchPad is launched, you can use it and even change the source if you like to.
If you do so, I would appreciate it if you contacted me (or just forked it on GitHub) so I can merge the changes if I like what you did.

By the way: here's the repo. I also created the organization GeocachingHelper and if someone forks one of the Geocaching Helper that will be released there and creates new awesome features, I maybe consider adding them to the team.

Even though it's possible (thanks to OS), I ask you not to fork it and just create a new release for the HP App Catalog – I think one app should be enough and as mentioned earlier, awesome features can and will be integrated in the existing solution.

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