Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet: Geocaching Helper for BlackBerry PlayBook

My second project I'd like to promote is my first public app for the BlackBerry PlayBook: Geocaching Helper. This time I won't bother describing what the BlackBerry PlayBook and Geocaching is, if you don't know, just follow the links ;)

Geocaching Helper for BlackBerry PlayBook is a small app for the BlackBerry PlayBook that helps geocachers solve several and common problems that sometimes need to be solved during a geocaching trip – like text calculation, simple cryptography or conversion between different coordinate formats.

I started development in march, because I read about an offer RIM had started: those who developed an app for the upcoming PlayBook will receive a free PlayBook as reward. I didn't think one minute and started downloading the SDK and IDE to develop for the PlayBook. As I already knew how to develop using Adobe AIR, it was easy for me to participate.
Not many development hours (but many days later) I finally submitted the first version of my Geocaching Helper and it was accepted. Since testing was at first only possible with the simulator, I was satisfied, but as soon as I received my free PlayBook I had to update the app because the first design was very ugly.
On June 7th I released version 2.0 of the Geocaching Helper for BlackBerry PlayBook with a better design and more features.
This is currently the last version and it includes the following features:
  • Text calculation (character sum, character count, ...),
  • Text cryptography (ROT13, Vigenère cipher),
  • Roman number conversion and
  • Convert between different coordinate formats (DMS, MinDec, DecimalDegree).

I already started development of a next version that includes new features but don't expect it to be released soon, because currently there are more important things to be done.

It's not easy to know how many people installed and use this app, because the BlackBerry App World doesn't offer extensive statistics. I can only tell you that Geocaching Helper got rated and reviewed one time and each day about 2 to 5 people download it.

I hope I could interest you in this second project and that you're going to check out my Geocaching Helper for BlackBerry PlayBook*. Don't be shy and review it if you like it ;)
Also, if you have ideas or find a bug: write a comment or contact me! I'm always open for suggestions!

* If your not on a Windows PC, the first time you open the App World Webstore it won't redirect you to the app, confirm the warning of the first try and open the link again.

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