Monday, July 18, 2011

Stats: Simple Battery Widget for Android

Three months after releasing the first version of the Simple Battery Widget for Android (my first and currently only Android App Widget) into the Android Market, I'd like to share some statistical data with you.
It turned out really well – especially after I started this blog and promoted my projects.

After one day in the Market the Simple Battery Widget had 96 active installs – I don't know about the total installs because there's no statistic about that. Until the start of this blog the App Widget gained about 3-5 active installs a day, so that after a month it had 205 active installs and one month later on June 11th it had 325 active installs.

At the end of June the Android Market had some troubles with updating the statistics so for about 2 weeks I had no idea if this blog and the promotion had any effect on the download numbers. But when it started working again I was impressed what a little bit of promotion can do. Starting with July 1st the active downloads suddenly increased by 50, then 100 and in the last couple of days almost by 200 active installs.

So by July 12th (apparently the Android Market Developer Console again has a problem updating the stats) the Simple Battery Widget for Android has 2290 active installs! That's more than I expected because even though I really like my own App Widget, I didn't expect so many other people around the world to use it too because there are so many battery widgets out there.

What about ratings and reviews?
Apparently not many people like to rate and review because the Simple Battery Widget was only rated by 18 people. Four of them only gave 1 star and I don't even know why they didn't like it because they didn't write a review. Furthermore only three people wrote a review (but they gave away 5, 3 and 2 stars).
To all of you who rated and reviewed: a big thank you because only by rating and writing reviews (and maybe also contact me via email) I know what you think about my App Widget.
The average rating of the Simple Battery Widget is 3.6667 – not that bad but could be better ;)

What people use this widget?
Due to the fact that the Simple Battery Widget is only compatible starting with Android 2.2, both Froyo and Gingerbread are being used by about 50% of the users. The most commonly used device is the Samsung Galaxy S (18.7%) followed by the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Ace. My device, the HTC Desire is on position 4 with only 7.4%.
The countries my users live in are Germany (69.9%) followed by Austria with 8.6% and the United States with 4.9%. Maybe I should start writing in German because on 84.2% of the devices the language is German and only on 8.5% the language is English ;)

I think that enough data to share with you. I'm very proud that my App Widget finally found some friends and hope many more will download and try it - it's free!
For those who don't like it: please send me mails why you don't like it or what problems you experience. I'm going to investigate each problem, even though it's not that easy if they are device  related (I only own a HTC Desire). Seems as if the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a very buggy device, because almost every app has bad reviews because of the SGS2 :(

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At July 21, 2011 at 10:44 AM , Blogger ste said...

Can you also stat what OS the active SBW-Users own?
AOSP, CM, etc.

At July 21, 2011 at 10:47 AM , Blogger alopix said...

No, that's not possible. There's no difference between ROMs, only between versions.


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