Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The end of webOS - or is it?

Last week, HP announced that they would discontinue their webOS hardware, which shocked all webOS developers because it makes no sense to develop for an OS where no new devices exist. Of course HP also announced that they plan licensing webOS to other companies. That's good, but will certainly take a while until the next device based on webOS will be release. Of course many developers were pretty confused and angry because they/we invested our time to develop apps for HP.

After the announcement, the prices for the HP TouchPad dropped dramatically, to only $99. Looks like it wasn't the end of webOS after all and developers can relax a bit, because now it seems as if there are quite a lot of devices out there. After a few hours the TouchPad was sold out. Interesting strategy ;)
But let's be honest: it wasn't a good idea that HP announced the end of the TouchPad (even though it increased sales), because it frustrated developers.

But there's another winner: Microsoft. Brandon Watson, who is Director for Windows Phone 7 announced on twitter, that Microsoft would be happy to help out all those frustrated webOS developers and provide them with free dev tools, phones and everything they need to be successful on WP7. That certainly could increase their market share.
And of course, this is definitively something I'm interested in. Not because I'm a fan of WP7 (don't really know it yet), but because I'm a mobile enthusiast – that's why I'm studying Mobile Computing ;)
Looking forward to porting my Geocaching Helper for WP7 – because last time I tried, the emulator didn't start :(

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