Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Web Marketplace

This is just a quick update on the release of the Geocaching Helper for WP7. Windows Phone OS 7.5 Mango has been released and they also announced a web frontend for their App Marketplace.
In my opinion a web frontend for app stores is very important and I'd like to share the link to the Geocaching Helper for WP7 so you can check out the description, rating, reviews and so on.
Visit the Web Marketplace now ;)

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Geocaching Helper for Windows Phone 7

After some weeks without a post, I'm finally motivated to write another one ;)

During my internship I worked on a project developed in Silverlight so I know Silverlight quite well now. During the internship I decided to port the Geocaching Helper to the Windows Phone 7 platform but it didn't work out because my Windows PC is too old and the WP7 emulator doesn't work in a virtual machine (and I didn't want to install Windows via bootcamp). So I wouldn't have been able to test my app(s).
Then something awful and great at the same time happened: webOS "died". I already wrote about that exactly a month ago and two weeks ago I finally received my WP7 developer phone. Since then I worked hard on porting the Geocaching Helper to WP7 while not only including the features already available on other platforms but also developing a user interface that conforms to the look & feel of WP7.

The project was pretty easy finished because C# is a very nice programing language and Silverlight's native library (enhanced with the Silverlight Toolkit project) really rocks :)
Now I am proud to announce that another platform runs my Geocaching Helper app. Unfortunately there is no App Hub Webstore (or at least I didn't find it) so the download/info link will only work on WP7 and computers with Zune installed (I'm not sure it the Mac sync app is able to display WP7 deep links).

Have fun with another port of the Geocaching Helper and please send me feedback if you're using one of my apps! By the way: the GCHelper for WP7 is currently the only one that includes advertisement and a link for donations. I don't know yet if the other will follow (at least concerning ads) – I have to wait if the strategy works and I can make a little bit money by having ads (and a donation button) instead of selling the whole app.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Statistics: Geocaching Helper for HP TouchPad

Over two months ago I released the first version of the Geocaching Helper for HP TouchPad. At first the downloads weren't impressive, but I didn't expect much back then: the TouchPad hadn't been released yet and Geocaching is not that popular. Even after the release of HP TouchPad, the downloads didn't really increase.
Only when HP announced that they'll stop producing hardware for webOS. That was when the downloads almost than tripled. But I think charts say more so see for your self and get an impression how popular the TouchPad became after it's death was announced ;)
Sorry for the crappy chart in advance but apparently LibreOffice is not a good choice to create charts with – unfortunately I currently don't have MS Office for Mac installed (yet).
Downloads from June through September 2011

I don't think that the downloads increased because so many geocachers bought the TouchPad, I think that the new TouchPad users just downloaded all the apps that where available to have as much apps as possible on their devices ;P

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