Saturday, September 3, 2011

Statistics: Geocaching Helper for HP TouchPad

Over two months ago I released the first version of the Geocaching Helper for HP TouchPad. At first the downloads weren't impressive, but I didn't expect much back then: the TouchPad hadn't been released yet and Geocaching is not that popular. Even after the release of HP TouchPad, the downloads didn't really increase.
Only when HP announced that they'll stop producing hardware for webOS. That was when the downloads almost than tripled. But I think charts say more so see for your self and get an impression how popular the TouchPad became after it's death was announced ;)
Sorry for the crappy chart in advance but apparently LibreOffice is not a good choice to create charts with – unfortunately I currently don't have MS Office for Mac installed (yet).
Downloads from June through September 2011

I don't think that the downloads increased because so many geocachers bought the TouchPad, I think that the new TouchPad users just downloaded all the apps that where available to have as much apps as possible on their devices ;P

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