Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New features for the Simple Battery Widget for Android

I just uploaded and published a new version of the Simple Battery Widget for Android. In this new version 1.4 I added some small features that some users requested some time ago.

  • The ability to create widgets that horizontally span over two cells of the home screen to center the widget on the screen and
  • an option to choose between different actions when clicking on the app widget.
The new widget click action currently has two options: either use the old (default) action that displays the battery details in a dialog and the new action to open the Android Power Usage.

Under the hood I also improved the implementation of drawing the widget. This could result in a better memory consumption but I won't promise anything ;)

As usual you can find the widget in the Android Market or just wait for your Android device to notify you about the update. I can't see the update yet, but it should be available in the next few hours.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Small update for Simple Battery Widget for Android

I just published an update to the Simple Battery Widget for Android. It's not really a big update, because I wasn't satisfied with some of my new implementations. At first I the plan was to add a charge animation but I'm not sure if the implementation was stable enough to be released so I only included the changes from the changelog below. Maybe the next update will include the animation and won't take as long as this small update.

Changelog v1.3.0:
  • Different units for the temperature in the details dialog (°C, °F, K and many more...)
  • Donate button for the details dialog
For this update I also created a promotional and featured graphic to make the Android Market page more beautiful. I hope I did a good enough job – as you know, software engineers aren't good graphic designers.

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