Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Userscript for OpenCaching.com

I recently released my 3rd Greasemonkey userscript: OpenCaching.com HelperI created it because I was not satisfied with the feature set of OpenCaching.com, a great alternative to Geocaching.com.
Maybe a quick info for all those who don't know geocaching: With the help of GPS you try to find different types of cache containers. Simply put, it's a modern treasure hunting game.

Those who don't know Greasemonkey: it allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using JavaScript. Greasemonkey is an add-on for Firefox and userscripts are the webpages customizations. Userscripts can also be installed in Google Chrome without any installing the Greasemonkey add-on.

Now what does my Greasemonkey userscript do?
It currently just allows you to automatically check distances to existing caches (includes active, inactive caches and those under review); open the currently displayed cache on geocaching.com (via gc/oxcode); and check for existing caches around coordinates on geocaching.com.
So very simple features but in my opinion most useful for reviewing caches.

Now there's one problem with this script: it only works in Google Chrome. For some odd reason, it won't work in Firefox, but I hope, that I'll find a solution to this problem soon.

Now I hope you like the userscript and send me feedback and suggestions for new features.

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