Thursday, March 22, 2012

Asterix & Obelix update

Yesterday we released an update to our game Asterix & Obelix for Android to the Google Play Store. It includes a second way of controlling the character with buttons. You can change the way you want to move your character in the settings of the game. Additionally we improved the gameplay a little bit.

Get it now in the Google Play Store or check for updates if you have it already installed.

EDIT: We had to remove the game so I removed all the links in this post.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flashback: Asterix & Obelix for Android

The second flashback for the last couple of months concerns the development of the game Asterix & Obelix for Android. It was (or is) a project for university and is a simple implementation of the original Asterix & Obelix game for PC, Super Nintendo and other platforms. Some of you might remember this awesome game and so did we and decided to develop an Android version of it.
It's available in the Google Play Store since February and thanks to some loyal Asterix & Obelix fans already has over 600.000 downloads :)
Another update will be available soon featuring new player controls! To receive the latest news you can follow the development on our Facebook or Google+ page.

EDIT: We had to remove the game so I removed all the links in this post.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flashback: Play Chess for BlackBerry Tablet OS

As promised a quick flashback to tell you what happened to my Play Chess game for BlackBerry Tablet OS. This is the first of at least three flashbacks concerning the time the blog was offline due to the Anti-SOPA/PIPA and -ACTA protests.
Maybe some of you already realized it but the game is not available in the BlackBerry App World any more because I took it down. Some months ago I realized that there was a bug which prevented users to castle (thanks to a review). It was not hard to find the bug and release an update which got approved quite fast.
Unfortunately shortly after this release I found some other small moving problems and some bigger problems which prevented me from finally implement a computer opponent. That's why I decided to remove the game from the App World to prevent negative reviews. And to take a big step and implement everything from start using the completely new approach. This new implementation will be based on the Tablet OS NDK instead of the Adobe Air SDK.
Currently this new version of the game is a work in progress and not my first priority so please be patient.

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Social network accounts for Geocaching Helper

One of my apps, the Geocaching Helper (available for Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry Tablet OS and webOS 3), now has some social network accounts.
For the latest news follow us on twitter, Facebook and Google+.

PS. Going to write that entry about the last couple of months soon!

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