Friday, June 29, 2012

Release: Geocaching Helper for WP7 version 1.5

Microsoft just approved version 1.5 of the Geocaching Helper for Windows Phone 7. This update includes some bug fixes that make the app more stable.
The more noticeable part of the update is the new dashboard screen. I replaced the tiles with a list that also includes icons. I hope you agree that this is should improve usability :)
In addition I added a new feature: Morse Code, which allows you to convert between characters and morse codes.

Maybe the biggest change you will notice when downloading the app is the new price. Before the Geocaching Helper used to be free, now it's only 0.99€ (or equivalent depending on your marketplace). I decided to charge for the app (instead of the somewhere hidden donation button, almost nobody used), because even though I love developing apps, I do it in my free time and if you like an app, the lowest possible price of 99 cents shouldn't be too much to help me continue working on my projects.
The money I make will all be used to continue developing on my apps, add new features but also create new (awesome ;) apps and port my existing apps to other platforms (e.g. iOS, which means I have to pay 79€ per year!).

Download the updated version from the Windows Phone Marketplace now and follow/like me on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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