Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tested: Sony Xpera go

Some time ago no, I was really lucky and won the Sony Xpera go by participating in a sweepstake of Austria's national carrier A1. Unfortunately this carrier gives away sim locked devices so I was not really able to use it in the field, because I recently switched carrier (actually the carrier is a subsidiary but using that sim card doesn't work). I wanted to unlock it, but when browsing the forums, I read that A1 wants 150€ for sim unlocking any devices (even those you won!). So I had to test the device using WiFi only, which didn't allow me to test its full potential.

All in all, the device look quite alright. It's dust and water resistant and the Xperia go is still beautiful, or maybe because of that they invested a lot in making it beautiful. I was really excited when I put it under water because usually you can't to this ;)
Of course the screen is also especially durable but I guess when it falls on something pointy it'll still break, so I guess putting it in a pocket with your keychain is the only "wild" thing you can do without a screen protector.

Also the specifications are nice, 1GHz dual-core CPU, 5MP camera (unfortunately no front facing camera), 8GB internal storage and expandable via microSD cards and will all the components inside it's sill light enough (110 g). What bothered me a little (because I'm a user of high-end devices), is the screen resolution, which is only 480x320, but for a phone in this price range, it's quit alright.
It currently comes with Android 2.3 and a lot of app pre installed and even though I usually don't like customized Android version, Sony didn't change too much, so it still feels like Android. Sony also promised that there will be an update to Android 4.0 sometime after the initial release and I hope they will fullfil the promise soon enough!

All in all a great device which I can only recommend for people who like mid-range devices and like to have a durable phone.
Finally, here's a nice (german) video A1 created to test the durability of the Xperia go. Enjoy!

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