Sunday, September 2, 2012

Open webOS: First beta is here

Today, HP announced on their Open webOS blog, that the first beta version of Open webOS is ready. Eight months ago HP announced that webOS is going to be Open Source to offer an alternative to Android and iOS (and Windows Phone I guess). Releasing this first beta version shows, that they were and are serious and I'm looking forward to what's coming next – there are rumors that new webOS devices will be released :).

As you probably know, I'm the proud owner of one of the last HP TouchPads running the original webOS 3.0. I really like the device, although the hardware was never up2date. I also really liked webOS, because it had all most of the features you need and developing using the Enyo framework was really nice (even though it's JavaScript).

Even though HP won't release a working version for the TouchPad, I can't wait for the first adaption because I'm sure that the community won't hesitate and port Open webOS on their own. Maybe this Open webOS will work better on the TouchPad than the original webOS and Android.
For those who don't know: I'm currently running Android via CyanogenMod on my TouchPad and even though Android (based on ICS) itself is great, the battery suffers and some features are still missing (e.g. camera).

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