Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thoughts: Amazon's new Kindle

It's a little bit late but I didn't have enough time to blog over the last couple of days because as you probably know I'm on vacation in Canada ;)
Here's just a quick thought on the new Kindle ebook reader Amazon announced some days ago. I thing they are really nice, as all the previous versions have been. The new tablet, Kindle Fire HD, as well as the updated Kindle Fire are also nice and I guess are a quite good alternative to Google's Asus Nexus 7. I think again, that I don't have to tell you more about the device specifications because you should be able to find enough information on the internet ;)

The Amazon devices are really good integrated into the whole Amazon ecosystem, which is really nice, but Google's Android services (if available in your country) are also really good integrated. This does not make a big difference because both companies don't offer their services to all countries.
Really great is of course Amazon's Whispersync, but again, nothing unique, but still, works great. I also miss the NFC sensor, because as you know I'm really into NFC ;)
What I don't like about the new Kindle devices is, that they won't be available in Austria – at least not from the start. And of course: Amazon's version of Android is nothing I ever had the possibility to test, but as a developer I think it's too proprietary/closed.

This article also reminds me to tell you that I really like the new design – finally the awesome design US customers enjoyed for some time now!

PS. Don't worry, I'll continue the NFC and cross-platform development series soon – but definitely not before I'm back from my vacation ;)

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