Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thoughts: the (new) iPhone (5)

Today, the (new) iPhone (5) was revealed by Apple. I think there's not a lot to talk about, because the only thing most people have to think is the same I think: disappointing.
No NFC is the biggest no-go for me. Apple used to be great but to be honest, since Steve Job left, it's going down – the new iPhone is just embarrassing. There are no big new features – the only things are a better battery (or some software update that improves the battery life), LTE (which I don't need because it's not yet available where I need it), a new proprietary connector (which is stupid, because why not just use micro USB) and a bigger screen. Only because Apple calls something amazing/awesome/magical, it doesn't have to be that – and unfortunately now it isn't any more.

The new iPods nano is nice and I could imagine buying a new one, except I don't need a mp3 player because I have my smartphone. We're already used to Apple changing the design of the iPod nano a lot of times so it's no surprise there's a new one; and it looks just like a Nokia Lumia – maybe Nokia should sue them over a design patent ;)
I won't talk about the iPod touch because for me it's just an iPhone without the radio. The new EarPods (because they are not earphones any more ;) are ugly, just ugly. They really look like pods – maybe a rescue pod from Star Wars or similar.

The next generation iTunes will be interesting because it has a new interface. I can't imagine yet that it's better because I really like the textual representation, so for now, I will wait for the update and maybe tell you later what I think.
And yes, it looks like I only criticize, but apparently some new technology released lately is not as awesome as the companies claim they are.

PS. Is it the "iPhone 5" because the "new iPhone" would have been predictable? ;)

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