Monday, October 22, 2012

The (near) future of Android: rumors, rumors, rumors (and fakes)

Android robot1
Over the last couple of weeks, people have been talking a lot about Android. In my opinion almost more than they talked about Apple and the new iPad mini (or nano or micro? or event just, small new iPad ;) they could announce tomorrow (if I'm not mistaken).
I'd like to comment on some of them and I hope that the future won't prove me wrong – especially next week's Android event/announcement.

There were rumors surrounding changes to the Nexus program. People thought that more than one manufacturer will release new Nexus devices. This would be really cool, but seriously, do you really think Google would change the Nexus program like that? It would mean blurring the brand Nexus and changing the meaning from "the next generation of Android phones" to "yeah... everyone can make them anytime now" ;)

Something similar are the speculations about other new Nexus devices. The rumors about the next Nexus device includes the LG Nexus (probably LG Optimus Nexus 2X ;), the Sony Nexus (probably Sony Xperia Nexus TL ;) as well as a Samsung Nexus Tablet (probably Samsung Galaxy Note Tab Nexus 10.1n ;).
As it turned out, the leaked images of the Sony Nexus were fakes. The news went around the world…twice. First when people found an image of an alleged Sony Nexus device and then, two days later when the creator of that image announced that it's a fake. He even created a tumblr "Anatomy of a Hoax" to explain why and how he did it. I never really cared for all the leak image. Mostly because they are almost always extremely blurry and I just can't understand how it's even possible to take such awful pictures.
The LG Nexus could be something real, even thought people were already quite often wrong and it turned out that leaked devices were mostly renamed or never even released. Let's just wait for Google's announcement. Same for the Samsung 10' Nexus tablet – let's just wait and see.

What else? The most important thing! Android itself. We all expect a new version and even thought Android 4.1 isn't that old yet, it's already time for a new one – Android has to stay up2date and be the innovative player in the game ;)
The funny thing is: there were rumors around the new version for some time now and all were fakes! :D
Some Google employees just laughed about all those rumors (provided by a fake but reliable source ;). When I first read about that I almost fell of my chair – finally someone admits that all those fanboy-speculations are nothing more than funny (or do we only call supporter of the holy Apple religion fanboys?).
Nevertheless, some more features of Android 4.2 (still Jelly Bean, but I guess including at least 0.1% more beans) are believed to be true: multi-user support as well as some security enhancements. Sounds great but I think a week is not too long to wait what Google really has to announce. At least better security sounds reasonable. Multi-user support also sounds ok, but in my opinion only makes sense on tablets – or do you share your smartphone? One day you one day your boy/girlfriend and every second sunday your little brother/sister can use it!? ;)

I bet I forgot a lot of rumors and I would love to read about some more in the comments! I'm definitely going to comment back and rant about them ;P
What's the morale of the story? Rumors are fun to read (not only Android rumors ;) but let's don't trust them – especially serious news companies should be more careful and mark their rumor posts accordingly (I already saw some websites actually announce different features).

PS. Just read that LG's mobile product planning head Amit Gujral confirmed the launch of an LG Nexus device :)

1The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

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