Sunday, November 25, 2012

Android: Cancel DialogFragment when using AlertDialog.Builder

Have you already switched to using Fragments and all the new stuff Android 4 introduced (actually Android 3, but that wasn't available for all devices types)?
I hope you have, because using the new API will allow you to create modern Android apps consistent with the Android 4 design guidelines. Using Fragments is especially useful when developing a single app for multiple device types, like smartphones and tablets.

If you already did and wanted to display a Dialog using the previously encouraged method Activity.showDialog, you will have seen, that the Android developer team deprecated that method (in API level 13 already!). You can still use it, but you shouldn't – even though Android is supposed to be backwards compatible, Google could decide to actually drop support for those methods sometime in the future ;)
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thoughts: Windows 8

Some weeks ago, Microsoft released the final version of Windows 8 (along with Windows Phone 8, but that's another blog post ;) I wanted to write something earlier but unfortunately did not have time to until today.
I already installed the first Preview Release and after some problems with the Windows 7 USB Tool finally managed to install the final version. If you ever want to create a bootable USB with mentioned tool: on a 32-bit Windows installation, you cannot create USB devices with a 64-bit Windows.

Some background to the PC I'm using with Windows 8: it's a PC I won from the Austrian company Code Meets Design. The PC – we call her Boxi because the during the contest, Code Meets Design wanted people to give the cute "dog-PC" Boxi a new home ;) – was designed as a test environment for one of their projects. It has a touchscreen recognizing 2 points and a custom designed wooden shell.
Boxi at the Code Meets Design office (Source)
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