Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bing picture of the day

Since I own the Windows 8 tablet Asus VivoTab RT (= ARM version only), I of course browsed Microsoft's Windows store more often. You know how it is: you need and app for that and want an app for that ;)

In the process I also found a great app called Bing my lockscreen (I actually heard about it when I got the VivoTab@Microsoft).
The app allows you to automatically change your lockscreen once a day to match the current background image on Microsoft's search engine bing.com. I have to admit, that I almost never use bing, because I'm really satisfied with Google's results, but the daily background images are pretty great.

Either check out the app if you already upgraded to Windows 8 or visit bing.com on a regular basis, because those images are just breathtaking. I prefer the app because it automatically reminds me to check where the images are (which could result in me adding it to my travel list ;). It's also nice that Windows 8 can sync your settings, so as soon as one of your Windows 8 machines changed the lock screen background, the other devices will soon follow.
As an alternative you can also use the bing app available in the Windows Store if you don't want your lock screen to change all the time. If you swipe left and right (on a touchscreen; left/right arrows on the keyboard devices), you can also display previous images.

Even though Microsoft always credits the photographer as well as the location of the picture (the location is only visible on the web search though), it would be nice to automatically include a link to bing-maps or search details about the location.

PS: I'll write a review about the VivoTab soon enough – want to use it some more before I tell you my verdict ;)

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