Thursday, December 13, 2012

Geocaching Helper for Windows 8/RT available

It's time to officially announce it: Microsoft approved my Windows 8/RT version of the Geocaching Helper. Another platform you can enjoy the tools that help you solve multi- and puzzle-caches.

The app features the icons you already know from the Windows Phone 7 version. Currently some features are missing, so not all tools are available on Win8. But don't worry, the next version will feature some more tools that aren't even available on other platforms yet ;)

You can find the Windows 8 version of the Geocaching Helper in the Windows Store, which is included with every Windows 8 installation :)
The app is available for € 1.19 in Austria ($ 1.49 or similar in other countries) and I included a trial mode which will allow you to test the app for 7 days. Currently I don't enforce the trial yet because the app does not include all utilities yet, but I would appreciate you buying it to show me your support.

Here is one of the screenshots also available in the store:

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