Thursday, December 20, 2012

Release: Planning Poker eXtreme for Windows 8

My third app for Windows 8 is ready to be downloaded: Planning Poker eXtreme. It's a simple implementation of the well-known planning poker or scum poker technique for estimating the effort of user stories in software development.
Instead of real cards, you can use your Windows 8 device to estimate your user stories. The name of the app "Planning Poker eXtreme" comes from the Extreme Programming methodology.

It works both in fullscreen and snapped mode and internet access is only required for advertisement. This time, the app can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store, which is also why advertisement is displayed. Have fun planning your future project using this Planning Poker eXtreme app ;)
Currently the app is very simple but I already have some ideas to improve it. As usual, I'm open to user request and would be happy to get some great requests!

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