Friday, December 14, 2012

Simple Tasks for Windows 8/RT

Yesterday I announced my first Windows 8 app and today I'm proud to tell you about my second app. As with the Geocaching Helper, this app was already approved some days ago, but I didn't have time to blog about it.

My second Windows Store app for Windows 8 is called Simple Tasks and also available in the Windows Store. It is a very simple tasks app, where you can organize your tasks in named task groups. The tasks themselves only have a name, optional notes as well as an optional due date. You can of course also mark task (or todo) items as completed or not.
Task items are color coded to show done items (green), overdue items (red) and future items (orange), which can be seen on the screenshot.

Simple Tasks is available for € 1.19 in Austria ($ 1.49 or similar in other countries) and I included a trial mode which will allow you to test the app for 7 days (this time for real ;). As usual, the price is the lowest possible and I decided to charge for it in order to make some money to continue develop apps in my spare time when I'm not studying for university ;)

Currently the features are not much but one of the next updates will add a live tile to display the overdue or next items. I'm also planning to add Google Tasks synchronization.
If you like my app and have feature requests, find a bug or think it could be improved by changing parts, I would love hearing from you – just find me on Google+, twitter, facebook or via email!

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