Sunday, January 20, 2013

BlackBerry 10 Port-A-Thon

Those who actively  follow me on twitter already know about it: I recently participate in the BlackBerry 10 Port-A-Thon. This was a great online event where RIM promised $100 for every approved app submitted during a 36h timeframe this weekend. When submitting 5 or more apps, you also got a chance to receive a BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition Device.
Of course, I could not resist so I started working on apps last week and was able to submit 8 apps during the timeframe, which I hope will be approved – especially because I would love a BlackBerry 10 device.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

HowTo: Windows RT Jailbreak

Microsoft's newest Windows comes in two flavors: one normal, full version, Windows 8, and one for ARM processors, Windows RT. The latter only allows consumers to run apps from the Windows Store or desktop apps signed by Microsoft.

Clrokr, let's call him/her a hacker, has been able to disable this security check to install every application that would also run on a fully fledged Windows 8. Unfortunately, this hack will only work as long as you don't reboot. After each reboot, the hack has to be applied again. Details about the hack can be found in a special blog.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Version control with Bitbucket

It's 2013 already and I bet, most of you have great new years resolutions. I don't have any but I have a tip for those whose resolutions include using version control or those who don't use version control probably but should ;)

I don't want to force a certain version control system on you, but use git. It's just great. Why? Because it's a distributed version control system which means even your local working copy will be a git server. Compared to SVN that's really awesome because you can commit, even when you're not online, e.g. driving with a train with no reliable internet connection.
Later, when the internet has you back, you can just get the changes made by others and push your changes to a kind of centralized server.
For sure, there are other reasons to use git, but this is the one I like the most. There are also alternatives to git, like Mercurial or Bazaar.
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