Sunday, January 20, 2013

BlackBerry 10 Port-A-Thon

Those who actively  follow me on twitter already know about it: I recently participate in the BlackBerry 10 Port-A-Thon. This was a great online event where RIM promised $100 for every approved app submitted during a 36h timeframe this weekend. When submitting 5 or more apps, you also got a chance to receive a BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition Device.
Of course, I could not resist so I started working on apps last week and was able to submit 8 apps during the timeframe, which I hope will be approved – especially because I would love a BlackBerry 10 device.

After having developed apps for almost every currently interesting mobile platform, I have to admit, that I love BlackBerry 10. It's not only the user interface which I love but also developing for it. I always said that developing for Windows Phone is great because of XAML and C#, and not I have to add that developing for BB10 is similar good – it's not as good, but similar ;)
And a lot of developers have to think so too, because for this second Port-A-Thon, over 19.000 apps were submitted (4.000 more than for the previous one).

Over the next couple of days RIM will check out all submitted apps and inform developers about the approval or denial as well as who will receive BB10 devices. I hope that I'm lucky enough to win but still, it was a great experience and I was finally motivated to develop for BB10, which I will definitely continue!
Next time, I'm going to tell you more about the apps I developed, because I want to wait for approval and already present them with their App World link.

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