Monday, February 11, 2013

Remote control your PC or Mac with AIO Remote

Like every semester, we had to present this semester's progress of our master project at university. And as usual, I forgot, that even thought I have an Apple Remote, I can't use it to present a PDF using Preview (I created the presentation using LaTeX ;).
Last semester I had an app for OS X that was able to use the Apple Remote data and forward it to Preview, but unfortunately that app was just a trial version and I didn't have time to purchase it 5 minutes before my presentation started – usually I'm well prepared but we have already presented our master project way too often.
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Friday, February 1, 2013

TouristMate: our submission for the Atos IT challenge

Some weeks ago, we had a class about Automotive Computing at university. For this part of the course to pass, we had to participate in the first step of the Atos IT challenge. Thinking about an idea surrounding the topic Connected Car was really interesting and my team finally uploaded the required information.
In order to enter the next stage of the challenge, a jury will decide which project submissions are feasible and if our business plan is realistic.
Except for one project: the community (basically facebook users) can vote until the 4th (february) on the projects and the one with the most likes will definitely continue in the next round.
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