Friday, February 1, 2013

TouristMate: our submission for the Atos IT challenge

Some weeks ago, we had a class about Automotive Computing at university. For this part of the course to pass, we had to participate in the first step of the Atos IT challenge. Thinking about an idea surrounding the topic Connected Car was really interesting and my team finally uploaded the required information.
In order to enter the next stage of the challenge, a jury will decide which project submissions are feasible and if our business plan is realistic.
Except for one project: the community (basically facebook users) can vote until the 4th (february) on the projects and the one with the most likes will definitely continue in the next round.

My team's idea – we call ourselves "The Tourists" – is to make traveling more fun. If you're tired of those boring trips where driving is boring for passengers and annoying for the driver, then our idea is definitely interesting for you!
Don’t just drive by a country’s hidden touristic treasures – make the most out of your trip with personalized tourist attraction notifications. Share your tour with your traveling mates using the group feature so everyone can rate on which place to visit!
Basically what that means is, that you can plan your trip beforehand but will also receive notifications (using our TouristMate app and possibly integrated with other navigation systems ;) about nearby places that match your predefined interest categories – and people who travel with you can vote on their preferences too. When arriving at a one of the touristic treasures, the app can automatically display detailed information – which is of course browsable for the car's passengers before arriving too ;).

We also created a video for the idea which also features some screenshots how we imagine the app to be:

If your like our idea, it would be great if you could support us by casting your vote here by liking the TouristMate project :)

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