Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My evening at Microsoft Expo powered by A1

Yesterday I visited the Microsoft Expo powered by A1 in Vienna with my colleagues from AmbassadorBase. The event that was open and free to everyone started at 5pm and was quite interesting. Microsoft's partners had some interesting devices they showed off – even though most of them I already knew.
One device I was especially excited about was a next generation PixelSense touch table by Samsung (I hope I did get the name right). It's nothing new for me – I have already used the original PixelSense at university (back in the days called Surface ;) – but this new version is so much better, especially because is so slim. It doesn't use a camera anymore but has some hundreds of optical sensors and infrared sensors – still quite expensive though :(

Here's an introductory video:

I also liked that Nokia already brought their newest Lumia 520 & 720 devices, which looked pretty nice.
More interesting was the gaming area and the Xbox SmartGlass corner. The gaming area was specially interesting because we were challenged on twitter to play against MicrosoftAT and we were able to beat them thanks to Marcell's 10.000+ points ;)
What I found disappointing was, that we weren't allowed in the VIP-area upstairs – was expecting some VIP-tickets for the Microsoft student ambassadors.

To view some event pictures, you should visit AmbassadorBase.

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