Saturday, March 16, 2013

My first gadget shop: ChinaBuye

Some days ago I remembered friends telling me about different Chinese online shops that sell cool but still inexpensive gadgets. I had a look a round and found a great shop not only for gadgets but also for smaller items, especially interesting for a geocacher like me. It took me some days to decide on what to buy after some time I finally did it: my first order was already submitted and is currently being processed! Where you ask? Well ChinaBuye of course.
ChinaBuye is a great shop located in, the name already tells you, China. It offers way too much great gadgets and tools – you should interpret “way too much” as negative only because I don’t have time to go through all the products one-by-one ;)

Fortunately they have a search which works quite well and helped me find some items I wanted to buy for some time now.
Not only was the search great, the buying process was also very simple. Just add items to the shopping cart, enter your shipping and billing addresses (or just use the same for both) and select one of the many payment options. I know this is pretty simple but I already encountered some horrible checkout procedures and think that it’s also important to review an online shop’s homepage and not only the products and service.
I was also impressed by the vast amount of payment options available: WebMoney, Pay By Points, CreditCard (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal or Western Union/HSBC. I haven’t heard of the first two though. Unfortunately the prices are only in US Dollars, which doesn’t make it too easy to know how much you will have to pay (if you live outside the US ;)).
Let’s hope the shipping also works like expected. It will take between 15 and 45 working days, which is quite a lot :(

But I was expecting that, because shipping is free – which I have never encountered before, except when buying products for at least 100€. They also offer other shipping methods (DHL/UPS/FedEX/…) which is faster and more secure, but not too cheap.


I had to subtract half a star to account for the currency-“problem” ;)
Otherwise the website is great and depending on when and in what condition I’ll receive my order, I’ll continue using it.
Stay tuned for my review of the items I bought. Those reviews will be much more detailed than a website review – I will of course include the product, the price, some pictures and if the product is worth it, there’ll be a video :)

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