Thursday, March 14, 2013

Twitter for Windows 8

It took them some time but twitter finally released their Modern UI app for Windows 8. My first impressions are why good, because as you can see in the screenshots below, the user interface looks pretty nice. They didn't just create an app but incorporated the Modern UI look & feel, so you feel right at home.
The main features are of course
  • Home, which is your twitter feed,
  • Connect, which shows your mentions, retweeted and favorited tweets,
  • Discover, which helps you discover trending and interesting topics and of course
  • Me, which is all about you, including your direct messages, statistics and photos.
Of course, not only did they create a Moder UI themed app, they also included some minimum requirements, I would expect from a Windows Store app: push notifications for all kinds of tweets, new followers and direct messages as well as being able to use the Windows 8 search to search on twitter and of course, sharing content from wherever you are – that's how I already shared the app-link on twitter. They did not forget about the snap view either, so while surfing /dev/alopix, you can also check your twitter feeds ;)
Snap viewShare contractGlobal searchMeHome

Unfortunately, the app currently only supports a single user account, which for most people should be ok, but I hope they will add that feature in a future release. Otherwise there is nothing more to tell you but where to find it: the Windows Store of course!

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