Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update: Simple Battery Widget for Android

Some days ago I finally got my Android developer account was finally upgraded to include the possibility to reply to Play Store reviews. Because I had just received a reply from another developer, I saw that I was also able to do that and immediately started going through comments.
This was when I stumbled across a really helpful review, asking me to remove the loading indicator icon or percent text on my Simple Battery Widget for Android. I had already read the review over a month ago, but didn't have time to implement it yet.
So this is what I did: work on the Simple Battery Widget.

The update to version 1.6 is already live in the Google Play store and as previously you can download my widget for free. The biggest changes are, the new configuration user interface, which now looks more like a real Android 4 app using the awesome ActionBarSherlock library – also on devices running Android 2.x (the widget still supports Android 2.2 ;)).
Of course one of the new features is the loading indicator. You can now display either both the percent text and the loading icon (as before), display only the icon or only the text, during charging. Hope this makes the interface better!

Another feature request that I have received in the past is customizable percent boundaries. They are also included in this update and I hope the interface is intuitive enough. A small update for Android 4+ users: there is now only one widget available in the widget chooser, because the centerable 2x1 widget can be achieved by resizing the widget. For earlier Android version the two widget sized stay the same.

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