Sunday, October 6, 2013

GCHelper: now available on FirefoxOS

About month ago I was lucky enough to be accepted for the FirefoxOS porting program. The objective of this program was/is to port an existing HTML app to the FirefoxOS platform. Of course I chose GCHelper, which is available on webOS as an HTML app.
Today the app was finally approved and is now available on the Firefox Marketplace. If you have a device running FirefoxOS you can just install it by searching GCHelper or follow the link provided by me.

Currently, the feature set is limited to

  • Text Calculator (character count, calculate value sums, digit sums, …),
  • Convert coordinates (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds; Degree, Decimal Minutes; Decimal Degrees) and
  • Roman numbers.

Any feedback is appreciated and of course, I will add more features in the future!

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