Saturday, January 11, 2014

Come join my BBM Channel ;)

Not sure if a lot of BlackBerry devs/enthusiasts follow my blog but at least I hope so ;)
If you're interested, I'd like to introduce my BBM Channel, /dev/alopix. Usually I share interesting stuff related to anything remotely interesting to devs (news, dev tips, …).
So follow me if you like: C0047B612, QR code will also open the Channel on your BlackBerry.

For all the Android and iOS devs out there: remember this post when BBM For All will be updated and Channels available – sometime later this year (hopefully sooner than later ;)).

BTW. there's just one thing that bug me about BBM Channels: no support for multiple admins. I'd really like to work together with other devs some more*.

* Read this as a hint to maybe join forces and start working on old or new projects together – also, I have no problem having guest posts or even start a real collaboration blog from scratch ;).

BBM Channel /dev/alopix: C0047B612

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